Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall, Where Have You Been?

Finally a Fall forecast for the week! I absolutely love Fall, but as of late it seems to have been an extended Indian Summer... I see the beautiful colors, but I step out and aside from the cool breeze off the lake, it's been unseasonably warm! It hasn't stopped me from enjoying all the pumpkin-y goodness of the season though!

 It was mini-pumpkin pies again last night for dessert. I get so excited when I see pumpkin go on sale, and the canned pumpkin was part of the 10/10 sale again last week, so you know what that means... STOCKPILE!

So last nights dinner was incredibly easy, and incredibly delicious too! I have to say, I was actually shocked that my kids loved it as much as they did. This type of food isn't normally something they would enjoy, but all four of them ate them up! So what was it you ask?


French Dip Crescents with Au Jus

So easy, folks, and great food for the cooler Fall and cold Winter evenings! All you need is some roast beef, thin sliced from the deli (I bought a pound for a family of six), some provolone cheese (I got 1/4lb), again, thin sliced, and Pillsbury crescent rolls (two cans will make 16 sandwiches).

Now, for the Au Jus. I never realized how easy this is to make! All you need is 14oz of beef broth, dash of pepper, a little bit of garlic powder, and a tsp of cornstarch.

For the crescents, simply unroll the crescent dough, separate the individual triangles, lay a layer of roast beef, a couple slices thick, and then a layer of provolone. Roll the crescents up, place on a  baking sheet, and bake at 375 for 13-15 minutes.

While the crescents are in the oven, you can work on your Au Jus. Simply heat all of your ingredients in a saucepan, whisking frequently. When Au Jus comes to a boil, remove from heat and it's ready for dipping!

Speaking of crescents... I used Pillsbury's new seamless crescent roll dough for breakfast. This was the second time around making the Crescent Roll Casserole, and just as good the second time! Another great meal for waking up on a chilly Fall day! Very warming and hefty with all those protein packed ingredients! Here is the recipe I used http://www.culinary.net/recipes/RecipeDetail.aspx?ID=6141&CourseName=Breakfast+&+Brunch&CourseID=4

At this point, maybe some of you are thinking I should buy some stock in Pillsbury and Meijer (and maybe you are right!), but with as busy of a life as I live, I just don't always have the extra time to mess with yeast and dough, and Pillsbury makes things so much easier on the busy mom! Not to mention Pillsbury and their canned dough products make it really easy to meal plan on a budget! They constantly offer coupons in the Sunday paper, and when you combine those with the 10/10 offers and mPerks coupons, it's far too appealing to pass up!

For anyone interested, Here is a link to Meijer and their mPerks program.

 They offer so many wonderful coupons and discounts! If you have a Meijer close to you, I strongly suggest you give them a try for a few weeks. To be completely honest, I used to do my shopping at Meijer's biggest competitor, but after a close family member began working there, and casually mentioning the mPerks program, I decided to give them a shot. I always assumed Meijer was more expensive because they tend to carry higher quality items, but I have found I save even more money at Meijer than I would if I shopped the discount grocery stores such as Aldi's and Save a Lot! And as I mentioned yesterday in my blog in speaking of a friend's experience, their clearance prices are excellent, and unlike many stores, they have quality clearance items.

Now I'm off to run a few errands with The Hubby! Enjoy your day, Friends!

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