Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Donuts

Have I mentioned how much I love cinnamon? If not, well... I do. I love it. 

I love apples too, and when they are combined, I'm in Heaven. 

You want to talk about easy, this is easy! The most time consuming part is allowing the oil to heat to 350 degrees. 

Before I even get started, I think I should be crowned the new spokesperson for Pillsbury. Mhm. 

Grab yourself some Grand's biscuits (shocked? You shouldn't be by now), one apple, and of course your cinnamon and sugar mix.... use your deep fryer if you have it, if not, throw some oil into a large pot, heat it up and off you go! 
You are going to want your apples finely diced
Cut the Grand's biscuits in half, flatten them out a little and make a pocket in the center, adding diced apples to pocket.

Roll the dough up into a ball, with the apples concealed in the middle. Drop them in the oil, and fry for 3-4 minutes. I suggest 4 minutes for fully cooked dough. If you like things a little on the dough-y side (I do), 3 minutes will leave them slightly dough-y in the middle. 

End result... Divine donut yumminess... 

I have some ideas to tweak this a little next time I make them, but if any of you would like to beat me to the punch, go for it. Just be sure to give me some feedback on how it turns out!

I'm thinking rather than coating them in cinnamon, I should substitute pumpkin pie spice. Pumpkin Pie Donuts? Sounds good to me! Any takers? 

I edited to add I think these would be well suited to be served with hot mulled cider! Thanksgiving morning breakfast maybe? 

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